PW#6 What I did on March 15

Today I didn’t do much, I would call it a typical day for me. I woke up did my stuff, quickly rushed to print of my biology notes because I had a test at fourth block. Ate some oatmeal which is an amazing breakfest that is full of nutrition, got driven to school and was late as usual which is my fault. Had a normal day at school, got driven home by a brookes student, ate at home, started watching a show, realized I should be doing something way more productive so I closed it and did some English and now I am writing this blog post. Just finished writing something about Brave New World. Brave New World, is a dystopian novel by Huxley, it is about how in the future people are going to be brain washed when they are born through sleep. There are four categories of people in this book. The first is the smart ones that didn’t get any alchohol poured on them to make them the smartest but they would probably be the same IQ as a human in our world then it goes down the list. The more alchohol you get poured on yourself when your in the tiniest version of yourself the dummer you become.

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