Last week i went to basketball provincials in Langley with the grade 11s and 12s we played very well but ended up in 7th place at the end the very first game was a blow out and we ended up winning by 20 points, the next day was the second game and we played well its just that we couldn’t get our offense right and kept getting turnovers which ended with us loosing, the day after that was the third game and as we got on the bus ready to leave the bus wouldn’t start and everyone was going crazy luckly we were able to get a taxi to pick us up but it was just not the same, all our hype and all the energy was not there, we ened up losing the game by 3 points and it was a very sad game considering that we could have easily won.We walked in the gym for our very last game and it was very emotional for the grade 12s because it was there very last game,they all walked on the court and tryed there hardest getting us the win by 30 on the team that was ranked 5th place, and that was the end to our trip and our season on the basketball team after 4 long hard months of training.

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