PW#1 Decide

Growing up is the scariest thing you’ll ever face. You are born and for a quick second there is nothing, next second you have the whole world waiting for you. You grow up and throughout your childhood you are being taken care of, you basically can have whatever you want!
But then… the moment of realization, I am sorry for disappointing you but turns out life is not as easy as they told you it was going to be. You are now in school and you are lonely and depressed. Now your parents don’t seem to understand you the way they used to when you couldn’t even talk. When you were a baby they understood what you wanted by just listening to the way you cried. Now a hundred words are not enough to make them understand. And that’s the way it is and you can’t change that.
Now… another moment of realization, you have to figure out your next move by yourself, they expect you to know yourself so perfectly and have everything in your life planned so you can choose the right career. Like how come the rest of your life literally depends on what you as a teenager decide? You’ve made incorrect decisions throughout your life, what if this one becomes one more? Or what if this is what you were made for? You don’t know it yet but you will figure it out, all you have to do is decide.

One thought on “PW#1 Decide”

  1. This is such a relatable writing piece. I felt you really captivated the reader by introducing this question and message that every individual faces. Life is astonishing in that way. How your future can be decided and shaped with every decision and change you make, even as a child. You acknowledged the horrific reality of life and each choice and I thought it was a good balance in your own writing and engaging the reader with conceptual questions.

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