PW: Winter

Winter is the coldest season in the year. Winter is usually three months a year November, December and January. People start freezing and the days are getting shorter. No one wants to go outside because of the bad weather. The nights are getting longer and scarier. Half of the day its dark, when you leave the house and when you come back. You have no motivation to stand up for the day or even go outside in the cold. Your hands, lips and skin are getting dry and you have to wear many and thick clothes so you don’t freeze. But there’s not only bad things about the winter. I love winter its my favorite season of the year, I think about the snow and the white trees outside. I like wearing huge sweaters and scarfs to keep myself warm and comfortable in these cold days. I love when you get home and can cuddle in the blankets with a warm cacao or hot tea. I love how you can watch the snow outside while being warm at home and I especially love the sports you can do in winter. Skiing, snowboarding or ice skating on a frozen lake are one of my favorite things to do in the winter. And of course the holidays in December. Your celebrating Christmas with your family and new years where you can maybe start a whole new era in your life or set new goals. These are all the things why I love winter and why its my favorite season in the year.  

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