PW- technology

The average American spends 4 to 6 hours on a device every day. Technology has become essential in our everyday lives, so much so that we humans depend on it. Technology has improved the ease of our everyday world, but it has started to destroy our communication abilities and human interaction skills.
We use technology for entertainment, educational and work purposes. Technology has completely revolutionised education and job fields. Technology is so involved in our everyday lives that smartphones and tablets are usually in hand. Technology enables people to talk to friends with texting and social media; it also causes them to make this decision over talking to them in person. Technology deteriorates our human sense of continuity. Since technology has created a more straightforward and more officiant form of Communication, our desire to talk in person has dissipated. Often a group of teens can all been found in a circle all on their phones. With the use of drones, smartphones and computers, people can communicate and see the world around them. The internet and social media allow us to use technology to learn and connect. All this with the touch of a few buttons. Well, we can learn all these new things from technology the internet and social media also come with more distractions, exposer and stimulation. We have all done it, you’re supposed to be working on homework, or in my case schoolwork but, an hour later you’ve done nothing, but instead you’ve been watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Instagram. A doctor recently completed a research study on gaming, and it noted that some teens game 8 hours per day, thus contributing to social isolation and obesity. There are even gaming treatment centres in the United States. As a teenager, a lot of importance is placed on social media, the likes you get, the followers you have; these things are able to determine someone’s social status. To post about something and show everybody what you’ve down or what you have achieved instead of living it yourself and appreciating the memories you are making. Somebody’s self-worth and self-confidence can be determined by how many people liked their photo. We don’t yet know the long-term effects of social media to us and our generation, but we do know whatever we post, type or share is there forever, and sometimes we forget that. Technology allows us to share, but it creates a society where values are placed solely upon looks, and achievements. Technology helps us grow, learn and interact; yet injures our privacy and communication skills.  Of course, technology is beneficial to us, as technology shrinks our small world and allows us to use social media to look for and find anything we need or want, well providing a unique sense of entertainment. Ultimately, technology is a two-edged sword, it has in many ways better our world. However, it can also hinder our society in unfavourable ways if we are not cautious of its capabilities.