PW – Oct 21st – Our Future

I’m constantly told that my generation will be the world’s saviour. As much as I would like to believe that that’s a compliment, it’s not; it’s an escape. An escape to a better world, yes, but also an escape from the world that the past generations have caused. Uninhabitable conditions for some, distress for many, and risk for all. But even with that on everyone’s conscience, the burden of cleaning up that exponential mess lies on our generation, which for the most part consists of young adults and teenagers like myself and my peers.

Despite the fact that we’re in charge of taking action, we lack the opportunity to. We’re taught to be active members in society, but when will leaders, parents, teachers, and adults in general start being inclusive? When we eventually muster up the courage, and do take action, we’re ridiculed, or called irrational, simply because we’re young people. Is this the way to build our future society? To bring people down for trying?

Our ideas need to be taken seriously, our opinions need to be considered, and we need to be treated as what we are: the future. It’s riding on our shoulders, so it’s a necessity that we have a strong foundation.


One thought on “PW – Oct 21st – Our Future”

  1. I completely agree with your comment on how young people are put down in societies and should be more appreciated. Your text is very well written.


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