PW: Nov. 21 (Benefits of Owning an Undead Army)

Benefits of Owning an Undead Army: a Dissuasion From the Impractical Use of the Living in Belligerence, by Len-Zehlek

After centuries spent serving as primary martial-savant in Archlich Rehs’telen’s court, I have found it overwhelmingly evident that there is, candidly, only one legitimate contention in the argument of animated versus reanimated soldiers. That is, that living companies cannot even begin to rival the efficacy of the Undead.

For any who have observed the activities of the Undead, both within and outside of combat, and who have noted their numerous inherent and exceptionally valuable attributes, all of the following will seem conspicuous remarks and conclusions. Still, however, in the last decades focus has shifted more and more to the employment of the living in warfare. This seems to be largely a result of the undead-averse propaganda that pervaded Enyle during and subsequent to the third Necromancen War.

Before beginning, I will say that the enmity towards undead is, in majority, unfounded. Even so, dislike for these reanimated creatures does not negate their practicality and versatility; one can benefit from them without favouring them. For ease of comprehension, I will divide my arguments into two categories: superiority in battle, and out of.

Firstly, merits during combat. The Undead, unlike their living counterparts, have no moral qualms about who or how they kill– they will not question or hesitate, making them more reliable. Additionally, they are immune to all mind-affecting, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects, as well as impervious to the diversions of human emotion. These attributes make them, indisputably, physically and mentally stronger.

Out of combat, their preeminence is simple and cogent. They have no requirement for food nor rest, nor pleasant conditions. They do not feel the physical discomfort of humanoids in low or high temperatures, and are not concerned with personal space or the wish for cleanly environments.

In summary, the many faults that limit human capability and compliance often do not affect the Undead. This makes them nonpareil in warfare when compared to the lesser living forces.


2 thoughts on “PW: Nov. 21 (Benefits of Owning an Undead Army)”

  1. Fenna,
    I really enjoyed your statement and have a similar opinion about this very interesting subject.
    But maybe next time you might want to consider writing from more points of view to give your text some variety. You could also go into detail what the undead army is good for outside of the battle field, you can keep the focus onto the war but I would be interested in an opinion peace about that.

  2. Fenna,
    I agree with your statements made and share the same understanding that undead armies are much more practical and versatile than living military forces. You negate to mention the side effect of undead armies not being able to be controlled. Are assuming that they are managed? If not I’m wondering how that plays into your opinion of their use.


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