PW MAY 7th

What will the world be like in 50 years? 

Little has been done to combat climate change, and the seas have risen considerably. Numerous cities are either submerged or transformed into a flooded land. Not forgetting that among these casualties, there are other big and powerful disasters occurring.

However, things aren’t completely bad. There have been significant advances in technology that have led to wide innovations in robotics, cloning, AI, 3D printing, and genetics. This will continue to improve as the years go by.  I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that by 2050 we’ll be able to send memories, emotions, and feelings across the internet. Brain science will have exploded, and it will have revolutionized in great communication.

Going back to climate change, bodies of water will be contaminated, wildlife will have suffered, and the polar ice caps melted. The thing is we’re already in it. Global warming has already caused irreversible changes. The only more significant change will be anything large-scale we, as the inhabitants of the Earth, do to slow its onset. I think once something devastating occurs, then we will finally be engaged in a much-needed global strategy to fix the worst side we brought from the climate. This is really sad because we should’ve done something about it years ago.



2 thoughts on “PW MAY 7th”

  1. Camila, you raise important questions here. Can technology save us from the damage caused by the Industrial Revolution? Or do we need to reduce our energy consumption and return to a simpler way of life? Or . . . ? Your generation will have to find the answers.

  2. Hey Camila, I agree with you completely on this topic. I believe we will have advancements in technology like you said. Also I think it would be so cool to send memories, emotions, and feelings! What you said about climate change is distressing, because I believe it’s true. We have reached a point where progress is needed immediately, and I feel that leaders aren’t taking enough action. You said this very well, good job!


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