PW- May 7th

My sister

 Her eyes are big and blue; you can swim in their optimism like the Pacific sea. Her hair that once glowed like sun, now black to prove shes impulsive. Her heart is so pure, and she cares so much, not always for the better but with the best intentions. It’s easy to admire her free will and the hope that she fronts, though that’s not how she sees herself. “A chipped vase that is no longer usable,” she says, with her pessimistic self-view. The way her self and world view differ so drastically is astonishing. As she is just as much a child of the universe as the trees and the flowers she admires so much. Forced to hold reality in her head, but still, she lives with fairytales in her heart. You are my sister. We can talk without words, fight without cause, and love each other boundlessly.


One thought on “PW- May 7th”

  1. Kaelin, what a beautiful and heartfelt piece of writing! Bravo!

    You just need to fix up this bit—”the hope that shes fronts.”


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