PW: May 7th

Wuhan is my home.

I love all of Wuhan; of its colourful buildings bursting through the ever-gray sky, its heavy mist floating above the river, and most of all, the charming ladies. (Wuhan women are very pretty!)

At the same time, I hate all of Wuhan. I hate how people are so far apart, how things come and go, and how one could feel so alone in a crowded subway on a Sunday night.

There’s nothing waiting for me there, not anymore. I love and hate Wuhan, but it no longer matters. It’s an ever-changing, and never-changing city. I haven’t changed either, I am still the person who loves riding the subway on Sunday nights. I still admire the pretty girls from afar. I still watch three movies at the theatre in a row, alone. But Wuhan is just a pile of blurry memories, the more I think about it, the more it fades away. I’ll need to leave before it leaves me.


2 thoughts on “PW: May 7th”

  1. Cecilia, this is another wonderful short piece, but unlike the previous ones, this one feels unfinished. I think you could develop it, fill in some of the details, and elaborate on ideas that you only hint at. To take just one example: your last sentence. “I’ll need to leave” is ambiguous. Do you mean, “I’ll need to leave Toronto and go back to Wuhan”? Or do you mean, “I’ll need to leave Wuhan for good”? Or do you mean something else? I think you could polish and develop this and turn it into something really excellent.

  2. “Hi Cecilia, I think you did a great job of showing the negative and positives about your home town, which helps show someone who has never been there what to expect. Good job!”


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