PW- March 7th

Why is it that most drug dealers end up serving longer sentences than rapists in the United States?

Over the last five years in the USA, the average drug time served for possession of drugs was 16months to five years, depending on the drug and offenders background. The average time served for drug dealers in the past five years in the US was 5.9 years. The average time served in the US in the last five years for all rape cases ranging from a severe fine, to 30 years (this is only if the victim dies) was 5.4 years. Drug dealers in the US commonly serve 0.5 more years than rapists.

80% of convicted drug cases are against a black or Latino, while 57% of trialed rapists are white. The fact is the system is set up to fail people of colour. People of colour are discriminated against at every stage of the criminal justice system.

The reason it’s easier to convict drug dealers then rapists is that rape trials are about who is more convincing, not who’s telling the truth. You can claim someone is “playing the victim” or claim someone raped you without evidence or fact. Whereas if you get caught with drugs, it is pretty black and white. The three main reasons I think drug dealers’ sentences are more extended than rapists are, one, because discrimination in the justice system, the likelihood of imprisonment for a black man is 1 in 3, where for a white man it is 1 in 9. Two, the debate ability and he said she said ness of rape trials. Claiming it was consensual, claiming you were raped cause you are ashamed, the involvement of drugs and alcohol affecting individuals’ opinions and reliability, and shaming the victim for their clothing and behavior choices. Out of every 1000 sexual assaults, 995 predators will walk free. Lastly, A drug dealer is taking tax money away from the government, while rapists are ruining people’s lives, and I’m sure you can guess what the current American government thinks is more important, and who deserves more time. That’s why I believe rapists go to prison for shorter sentences than drug dealers.



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  1. Kaelin, this is a powerful piece of writing that would be even more powerful and persuasive with two improvements. 1. Proofreading would eliminate several careless errors that are a bit distracting. 2. Citing your source(s) of information would add credibility to your argument (assuming that they are credible sources!)

  2. Hey Kaelin! This is a strong topic and I’m happy you had the courage to write about it. I do think it is persuasive and interesting. Good. job


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