PW – March 21st

We are less that one week into self-isolation, and I am officially bored. Monday started off fairly normal, although we had to instate new policies at work, due to the virus outbreak. On Tuesday, I entered work, to be notified that we would be closing. As the week progressed, I found out that many of my friends were leaving the country, with no expectation to return. Not only that, but I found out that I would never have the opportunity to see them again, or say goodbye.

Although I like Brookes, that’s one thing that I truly hate. Having to say goodbye to friends that I’ve made, with no hope of seeing them again, due to the fact that they live so far away. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel worth it to get close to someone in the first place, if you know that they’ll likely just be leaving after a year. However, if that were the case, you would miss out on friendships that end up having the most impact on you.

Before spring break commenced, I was only prepared to have two weeks of online school at most. Therefore, naturally, I didn’t truly say goodbye to anyone (it can be too much of a scene). Within days, we were notified that we would likely not be returning until September, and that many of our international friends would not be returning at all. On top of that, we’ve been instructed to take part in social-distancing, which is stopping me from seeing any of my local friends.

I understand the importance of self-isolation. I understand why all of the action being taken is so crucial. I understand that in order for us to “flatten the curve” we must follow these regulations. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating, disappointing, and extremely sad.


6 thoughts on “PW – March 21st”

    1. About losing friends: When I started teaching overseas in 1986, that was really true. My kids, though, who grew up in international schools, are still in touch with scores of their high school friends, mostly via social media, but sometimes in person, too. So it’s not as bad as you think.

  1. Hi Amy, I like how you talked about losing friends. Self-isolation is indeed boring. In time though, I’m sure that everything will be okay. 🙂

  2. Hey Amy! The way you express in your writing makes us, the readers, to be able to understand and connect with it. Great job!

  3. Hey Ames,

    I can completely sympathise with you here, it has impacted all areas of life greatly for everyone. Your writing is technically and grammatically very strong, which allows readers to easily understand its purpose. Good job!

  4. Hey Amy, I completely agree with you. I also made great friends at Brookes. I wasn’t able to even say a proper goodbye to my friends.


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