PW (March 21st)

There was an interesting thing that happened before. I used to live in the dorms with three other girls. Unlike the dorms in Brookes, my previous dorm had bunk beds. I lived on the lower bunk and discovered a fruit knife under my bed. We were definitely not supposed to have any sort of knives in the dorm.

I brought some apples to school during the weekend, so I asked if anyone had any knives. My roommates told me to eat it without peeling the skin, like how a normal person would.

I knew the person living on the top bunk was cutting herself because it was just really obvious. You can’t hide things like that from people who live in the same room as you. I thought it was none of my business back then, but thinking about it now, I would’ve “found” the knife and used it to peel apples instead of ignoring everything that had happened. But even now, during this time of the virus, I  can’t bring myself to talk to her. Sometimes, I wish she was never here to experience it all, simply because I can’t think of how to help her. Or worse, maybe I knew how to help her, and I could’ve, but I just never really felt like it.


6 thoughts on “PW (March 21st)”

  1. Hey Cecilia, I believe this a great writing. Great spelling and grammar. I’m sorry for what you went through. I think is really brave of you to publish it in a blog like this.

  2. Hi Cecilia, I am at a loss for words because of what you experienced. Nonetheless, this is very well written.

  3. Hey Cecilia, In my opinion it’s interesting to hear what recognized there. It’s pitty that somebody has so many problems that she hurts herself. But I think that you couldn’t help her.

  4. Hi Cecelia, this is a really powerful piece. It’s hard to deal with issues like this, especially at our age. Writing about these kinds of things can be hard, but rewarding, because it allows you to reflect, and the readers to connect if they’ve been in a similar situation. Thank you for sharing this, it was very well written.

  5. Hi Cecilia, I think you shouldn’t feel bad for not helping. I would’ve thought that it wasn’t any of my business if I were you. If you regret not doing anything back then, maybe you can consider asking and checking on her now.


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