PW: Mar. 7 (Tyrienne- the Ascer Flats)

Tyrienne sat on a clay-tiled rooftop, watching the merchants below slowly conclude their incessant declarations of superiority over other vendors. With the midday hours closing in, the bustling market streets had all but emptied. No one was inclined to find themselves caught in the blistering heat of noon. Well, that was, no one except Tyrienne. There was something wonderful to her about wandering through marketplaces and thoroughfares that had just hours ago been packed near to bursting with vibrant sounds and colours, and finding them as deserted as the barren wastelands that lay beyond the city.

Finally the last of the merchants left the square, heading to taverns or homesteads to wait out the brutal Ascer sun. Tyrienne couldn’t help herself from smiling as she dropped from the roof onto a small balcony below, then jumped off, landing on the stone streets of the seemingly abandoned city. She closed her eyes as she began to walk, imagining the heat that beat down from above melting her into the ground. Even with her eyes shut, she knew exactly where she was. When growing up in a city located directly in the centre of an expansive desert, with nothing but sand within a week’s ride in every direction, one got to know their hometown quite well. After all, there was nowhere else to get to know. She could wander around the entire city blindfolded without once getting lost. In fact, she often did. Meager blind beggars tended to get more sympathy, and so also money, than able-bodied ones.