PW Kung fury

Kung fury is a movie out of the 1990s written and directed by David Sandberg. It is about a cop who gets struck by a lighting and gets bitten by a cobra, which turns him into the best Kung Fu master in history. He is basically  an unconventional cop with super human abilities. He is about to quit his job, because his boss is not happy with his way of handling things and he is forced to work with someone, Tricera cop when a stranger fires bullets In his own phone injuring multiple police officers.(The gun shots were fired into his phone and come out of the phone of the police) The for the cops still unknown Hitlerwanted to kill Kung fury because he wants to become the greatest Kung Fu master himself

That’s when he meets a harder opponent that usual. Hackerman wants to help him try to find the unknown murderer and it is Hitler, who returned. Hackerman finds a way to hack kung fury back in time to defeat the self named Kung führer before he becomes a threat in the future. But something goes wrong, the cop gets hacked bak into the Viking times and immediately gets attacked by laser raptors. Luckily two feminin Vikings Save him and give him a T-Rex ride to Thor, who then helps him to get into Nazi germany. Landing there he seems to actually get close to Hitler but after defeating good 30 germans Hitler shoots him with a Machine gun and the protagonist falls to the ground. But luckily Thor arrives and with him he brings, Tricera cop, Hackerman, the two Viking ladies and the T-Rex. They kill all the remaining Nazis, but then see the Kung Fu cop on the floor and soon realise he is dead. And even with the help of a giant golden eagle of Hitler they easily win with the T-Rex throwing him into a corner.

We get an inside view of his head where he meets his spiritual animal telling him he is dead. He wants to arrest the cobra, but while jumping towards him Hackerman hacks him alive. Now the crews attention goes to the remaining Hitler pathetically trying to convert Kung Fury to the German side. Thor has enough and slams his Hammer onto the pure evil, the eagle jumps over his leader trying to protect him before the Hammer slams them both into the ground. He lifts the Hammer and finds both the eagle and Hitler completely gone. They don’t think twice about it and decide that that’s better than nothing and assume Hitler is dead.

The final shot is in the future. The eagle lands in Kung Furys city embracing the still living Hitler gently, and then flying the devilish laughing Führer into the sky.