PW, January, 21st

People are willing to buy just about anything at this point depending on what it is. Nowadays we have countless overpriced products that are made for cheap and sold for 10 times the price. Or the product will be pointless and not satisfy any needs other than saying that you have it.  

For example, some people every year will buy the newest iPhone when the existing one they own works fine. Now, why is the reason for this? Well, the fact is there is no reason in my eyes. It’s just the fact that the product is the latest and greatest, and the fact that your friends will not have it, so you can spend your time flexing on them with your new 1000$ phone. This same thing goes for clothes, cars, and just about anything that a person maybe passionate about. And I’m not saying that having a passion is bad, but I do think that people do get swept up with the materialistic items and will just buy whatever it is instead of choosing.  

Although all of this is not our fault. We are always seeing some type of add from some company trying to convince us to buy their product. It’s like we are animals being told to sit and roll over on demand.  

I find that this problem is an interesting one because having a passion is what makes people happy and that’s important so we should not limit them. Although we should be aware of what we are spending our money on.