PW Jan 7

I apparently use my phone too much. I was told by many of my friends that I use my phone too often. I thought back on it, they might’ve had a point. Sometimes a day would fly by and I would have no idea what I did. I would sometimes prefer social media and games over hanging out with people. It’s not like I don’t like the presence of other people, but sometimes I just need a bit of room. “You use your phone too much,” Jasper says.

“Ryan has such an addiction to his phone that I’ve gone to get food with him and not said a word to him on a 30 minute bus ride. On top of that, he didn’t say a word when we were eating, plus another silent 30 minute bus ride back. He just has his f***ing headphones on and is looking at his tiny screen. Also, he came to my house for like three days, and my mom took his phone away because he’s addicted,” -Kaelin

“I mean I was in your house for 3 weeks but I spent more time playing board games with your family than you because you were in your room.” -Dominik

I got curious so I went to check how much time I spend on my phone a day. Turns out I spend about 12 hours on my phone every day. In the future, I plan to spend more time with people and cut down the time I spend on my phone.


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  1. Hey Ryan, I find your writing interesting because it incorporates the thoughts your friends have on your addiction. I don’t think you use your phone that much but I am glad to hear that you are going to try and fix this problem.


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