PW Jan 21

I enjoyed my weekend with my family for Chinese New Year. I got to take a day off school and go back to Vancouver and celebrate Chinese New Year. We celebrated by eating hot pot and barbecue. Besides going back to eat, I also bought snacks for my friends and I. In Chinese tradition, you buy new clothes to represent a new year, a new start, and I did just that. I went and bought a couple of jeans, and also some t-shirts. The best part of the trip was the red envelopes I got from my relatives. I’m not sure what I’ll spend the money on yet, so I’ll probably save it up for the future. The trip back was horrible, because I got on at the wrong time and had to wait for 2 hours. On top of that, we had to wait for other people to come, which took even more time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was told we have to go to the airport for another person. In total, the trip from Vancouver to the school took me 8 hours. In the future, I’ll probably just take a taxi instead of taking the brookes transportation.