PW: Jackson

     I met Jackson this year, and we became friends right away. We share many similar interests, and both love to laugh. We are both into different activity’s and the things we like very, but we still always have something to talk about. For example, Jackson plays soccer and likes scootering, I, on the other hand, like dance and volleyball. Jackson has a really fat cat named Lucy, who is very cute and whom he loves very much. Jackson thinks he is dumb, but he’s not he is actually very smart, I think he just underestimates himself. The fact that he is doing well in school has a job, plays on the gold soccer team, all well staying positive and social is astounding to me, and is very admirable. Maybe he just has good time management skills, something he tells me I need to work on, which he’s right about. Jackson’s favourite class is design, which is cool as being a mechanic is a job he thinks he might want to do when he graduates. He also thinks music would be a cool career path, but he can’t sing, so he’s thinking producing music is more his style. I think it respectable to know what you like and what you’re good at, it can be hard for some people to find something they love and can do for a career. I’m glad I met Jackson this year, we have become great friends. Hopefully, he can help me with my time management.