PW – Firelight

I could hear the familiar crackle of the fire, and that’s when I knew we were getting closer.  I started smelling the warm, pine scented campfire, and I couldn’t help but smile.  We were finally there.  Taylor, one of my best friends, and I were the last ones to arrive, so by this time we were radiating with excitement. We walked through the last stretch of forest, weaving ourselves through the maze of trees, and finally reached the clearing.

This meadow was our first choice destination for any and all of our reunions, because everything meaningful in our lives had happened there. We met there, got to know each other, then all became best friends. I had never had such a large group of friends before, but it was by far the best, and most diverse group of people I had ever known. The meadow was a relatively small area, but nevertheless, we loved every part of it.  It was covered with flowers of all shapes, colours, and sizes; along with a small stream running through it, and a fire pit right in the centre. It was in a somewhat remote area that it was peaceful, yet in no way eerie.  It was utterly perfect.

Before everyone noticed Taylor and I, I took a moment to look around me. I was surrounded with laughter, love, and happiness. The orange hue of the fire mixed with the glow of the moon was reflecting off the faces of all my friends, and they looked absolutely blissful.

I looked up at the sky, and saw the stars gleaming above us. The heat of the campfire was enveloping us, to a point where it was crazy to believe it was mid October. Finally, Kaleigh noticed us standing there.

“Aly, Taylor!” She exclaimed, causing the whole group to look our way. Everyone stood up to give us hugs, and that quickly we were all caught up, as if this hadn’t been the first time seeing each other in a month.

Soon enough, we were all sitting down, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories about our lives. All I knew was that in that moment, as sappy as it sounds, I couldn’t have been happier.