PW – February 21st

At the time, I really liked middle school. I was lucky in that way. Many people hated it; just the idea of going back makes them recoil. It’s the opposite for me. Sometimes, I wish I could go back, to see all of my old friends, teachers, and school. Unfortunately, so much has changed since then, and that’s really not an  option.

Grade 8 was by far my favourite year. Mostly due to the fact that I had an amazing group of friends. Megan (yes the one that goes to this school now), Mataya, Izzy, Jasmine, Sophia, Charlotte and I would always sit on a hill at lunch. Of course, this was near the end of the year, when it was bearable to be outside.  We were able to talk about anything, and nothing was ever boring when I was around them. There was also a boy equivalent to our group, that consisted of Jim, Liam, Roman, David, Thomas, and Sean. They would hang out with us often, and they were some of the funniest, weirdest, nicest people I’ve ever known.

At the end of grade 8, we had a big celebration. We called it our grade 8 grad, and it was by far one of the best nights I had ever had. However, it was bittersweet, because of the anticipation for high school. We all knew that that would be one of the last nights we would all be spending together, because everyone separated after middle school. The majority of our group went to Belmont, and they’re still all great friends. I talk to a few of them, and I get updates and videos about their lives, but it’s not the same. Megan and I came to Brookes, which isn’t a decision I regret because I know it’s much more beneficial for my education and future. Despite that, I still miss everyone from John Stubbs so much. That night, we wore dresses and collared shirts, danced for hours, ate subpar burgers at tables filled with our friends, took photos with everyone, and cried because we knew our gang would be splitting up.

If I could go back, I wouldn’t do anything differently, because I liked the way  it was. Nevertheless, I still wish I could see them more often, because every time I do, it’s filled with just as much fun and excitement.