PW- Feb 7th

The long-running debate on the benefits of homework, and whether it’s helping or hindering students. Homework allows students more time to go in-depth with there studies. Work closely on areas they need more help and take time to do things that would be wasteful to do in class. Homework teaches student responsibility and diligence, along with time management. Helping prepare students for jobs and studying. 

While homework has all these positives, it comes with many negatives as well. Homework takes up a lot of time; time kids could be playing sports, hanging out with friends and family, or exploring new interests. Homework can cause students to feel stressed sleep-deprived and burnt out.

A lot of times, especially in younger grades, homework is not valuable. When homework assignments purpose is readily justifiable to my education, I still may dislike it cause it takes up my free time. Again, I have less of a problem delegating my time to learn or doing something relevant or essential.

Since the volume of homework can be so immense, and homework is done outside of school, it is done to a worse standard or considered less important. Because of this, students don’t delegate enough time to it or don’t do it to the best of their ability. To conclude if the homework is valuable to a student’s education and has a clear purpose, it is understandable. Still, if it is just being assigned to assign homework, then it is pointless.