PW Feb 7

During my trip to Vancouver, I got to enjoy eating, spending time with family and relaxing. I played video games for the whole four days I was here. I also went to visit my grandparents and helped out around the kitchen by shelling fourteen eggs and cooking some nongshim shin ramyun – gourmet spicy noodles. While I was serving myself some noodles, my family questioned the amount I could eat, but I proved them wrong by finishing the entire bowl.

I was supposed to work on homework and my personal project, but I ended up not working on them due to temptations. I was supposed to finish science, English, and work on my personal project, but I only ended up doing science and English. For science, I studied chemistry for my upcoming test on Wednesday. For English, I worked on my blog posts and read Romeo and Juliet. For personal project, I planned to finish my essay and the pamphlet, but I didn’t end up making time for it. Even though I didn’t finish it, I still have some time because the project is due on Thursday. I hope I can finish it by the time I have to present it.