PW Mar 21

I was extremely excited to finally go home after such a long time, but little did I know it would be the last time I got to see some of my friends. With spring break coming up, I was making plans with my friends to meet up in Vancouver and have some fun. All my plans were ruined because the coronavirus went out of control. Instead of having fun with my friends and going to different places in Vancouver, I have to stay home and do nothing for who knows how long. On top of that, some of my friends are leaving the country and probably won’t ever come back. I didn’t even have a chance to say a proper goodbye to them. All I can do is wish them luck for their future over text.

Another sad part about spring break is not having anything to do. Since getting infected with coronavirus doesn’t seem fun, I have to spend my time in my house with nothing to do. I pass my days using my phone, sleeping and eating. I hope this pandemic will end soon and people who are affected by the virus will get the support they need.