PW Dec 7th

Living in a country such as Canada we have easy access to education. Elementary schooling is necessary for all children. Most people have the opportunity to attend college or university. Is this easy access, all intitled opportunity of school, hindering young adults early career paths and life choices. It is now the orderly cycle to attend college, university or a trade school right after graduating. In a lot of cases, this should not be the natural order of things. We should be attending university not because it is the next logical step but because we want to.

Education has become a double-edged sword of privilege. We face the dilemma that well everyone deserves education; we should not be forced or made to feel as though that is what we have to do. University should be a self-directed choice. We should not go because you’re afraid of not getting a job, go because you have a desire to learn. Go because you believe education is vital for its own sake.
In most cases, students not succeeding is a result of them doing something they don’t enjoy. Since education is something we all have access to, we have forgotten its value. Your thoughts and knowledge is the one thing no one can ever take away from you. Not all want to educate themselves, which I respect, you can live a happy, fulfilled life without doing so. A lot of young adults waste years of there life by going to university. They half commit to something they aren’t sure about, well-wasting thousands of dollars, and only because society told them, it seemed like the next right step. We shouldn’t have to be concerned with making money right away.

Go where you want to go, where you will be happy, and where you think you will make a positive impact. “Education should not be a gun held to your head but a weapon in your hands,” learn for yourself, not for others.




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