PW – Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen, written by Steven Levenson, is an award winning musical, and it is so for a reason. It follows the life of Evan, a teenager with social anxiety. Dear Evan Hansen is conveying the message of finding yourself, and that even if you think you are, you’re not alone. The plot is based around one of Evan’s acquaintances, Connor Murphy, who commits suicide at the beginning of the year. The musical shows the affects it has on Evan and Connors family, as well as the action some students at their school take, to guarantee Connors memory is kept alive. After its debut on Broadway in 2015, the musical has only grown, and continued to reach success.

Needless to say, due to my prior love for musical theatre, I adored this musical. By solely listening to the soundtrack, I found myself consumed (ask my friends, I’m sure they would confirm my severe obsession). After a few years of listening and memorizing the entire soundtrack, I finally had the opportunity to see in live. On February 29th, I took the ferry to Vancouver, and on March 1st, I saw the show.

Have you ever read a book, then watched the equivalent movie, and been amazed by the difference? Well, this was absolutely nothing like that. Dear Evan Hansen came alive. Every song coincided perfectly with the visuals, every actor portrayed the character much better than ever anticipated, and the musical itself left such a powerful affect on everyone, including me.

Dear Evan Hansen was full of life, humour, love, sadness, romance, and relatability, as you follow a teenager struggling through high school. One of the most powerful and memorable songs, called “You will be found”, sends a message that can be extremely valuable to many. Even though it may seem cheesy, I would highly recommend listening to, or seeing this musical. I consider myself fortunate for having this opportunity. Therefore, if you are able to as well, you won’t regret it.