PW cursing

So basically a few moments ago, one of the dorm parents came into my room and caught me cursing about the weather. I apologized but he immediately told me to write an essay on why not to curse again. Now I have already written one of these texts and knew the reasons, that’s when I realised that the points he told me about with no excuse didn’t apply in this situation. I confronted him and after making my arguments his only response was to compare cursing to taking drugs and smoking, which I believe to be a complete exaggeration. He sent me off after that response without giving me the option to argue or at least reply.

Coming to the reasons, which I agree on by the way, the first one was my image. He told me that people might think my knowledge of vocabulary isn’t good enough or im too dumb too think of other words. The friends in the room all knew me and were also aware that my vocabulary isn’t terrible or that im too incompetent too use proper words.

And finally, since I don’t want to explain all the arguments, He made it clear that swearing in front of younger students is not acceptable. This is because, many of them see older students as an example for them, so if we swear we teach them that its ok to swear. This is of course not the case, as mentioned above but also because of a generell sense of manners and respect. Everyone in that room was older or the same age as me so that shouldn’t count.

As I am writing this PW the responsible parent just took me outside to apologize for his miss behaviour, but made it clear that outside our rooms this will not stay unpunished. This made the whole point of my essay utterly useless, but I have written all of this so I will upload it anyway.