PW-buying things

The last holiday seasons Americans were predicted to spend 1.1 trillion dollars. We are a society that enjoys purchasing things; whether it is for our selves or other, we like new items. In the 1980s the average American bought about 12 new articles of clothing a year. Today the average American buys roughly 64 new pieces of clothing a year, half of which are worn around three times be for bein thrown away or donated.this is mainly due to streamlined distribution, or what is more commonly known as fast fashion. Fast fashion is the production of inexpensive popular, likely to sell items, at low quality. These items are rapidly produced and mass-marketed well following common trends. Fast fashion is usually a rip-off of a pattern or a more expensive thing, that’s why it’s so common, and people are so ok with it. With fashion becoming more prominent in today’s society and young teens wanting too own certain items without having much money to spend fast fashion seems like the answer to most when buying clothes. We want the feeling of luxury without having to pay an exorbitant price.
Now, I’m not trying to bash people for buying affordable clothes, it is something I do my self, and understand, but I’m trying to show being mindful about our purchases is a must. We need to think before we by unnecessary items, and considered there impacts and consciences.