PW axe throwing

So, last week the school took a few of the lucky dorm students out for a little trip to an axe throwing store. This Saturday was apart from the good breakfast a usual one. The bus was leaving at 2 p.m. and we were about 15 students.

Now i did not know what to expect from this trip I did not pick it because i like axe throwing I picked it because it was the shortest mandatory activity and the least painful. But after arriving I realized that I was actually really looking forward to this, it seemed like a good opportunity to let some of the aggression out and combine that with a healthy dose of food. But I underestimated how much technique the art of axe throwing requires, which eventually lead me to not letting out any aggression but focusing on the throws.

Another good aspect was the kindness of the scottish  employees. They really hepled us actively and made an excelent company. All in all this trip was the best so far, which was also caused by the delicious beaver tales afterwards.


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