PW April 21st

Though life’s end is inevitable, it is sad when anyone dies, especially a child. When someone young dies, they are frozen in time. They leave unscathed. Their mistakes remain learning experiences, and their future still waiting to exist.

Alistair was the type of person everyone just knew.  His relaxed ways made him easy to talk too, and for that reason, he was a friend for most. His love for others was boundless. He was easy to understand, honest and open. Intuitive to others, he had a great ability to bring people together, creating joy. Alistair died September 24th, 2017, at just 16 years old. To this day it is hard to believe he’s gone. Alistair was shot and killed late one Sunday night. Not of malicious intent did he die, but at the hands of a friend.

After a house party one night a few of the Salt Spring grade 11 soccer team headed to one of the players’ houses. It was the first week of the season, and the afterparty hang put turned into a team get to know each other. While hanging out, a few of the boys found a gun. The parents who owned the house had left it lying around. Alistair and a few of the other boys started joking around with it. At some point during playing games and joking around the gun was dropped, and a bullet hit Alistair in the head. He died the same day. Alistair’s life will never be forgotten, and he will be deeply mourned by all those who knew him. Though that was the last night Alistair lived another boy’s life changed in a way no child’s should ever have too. A night that started out fun had turned into something no one would have ever thought. Shane, the boy who dropped the gun,  that night was sentenced to 15 years in 2019.

I will never understand how what was supposed to be a night of team bonding went so wrong. The lives of these two boys and their families were shattered. Broken emotionally, and incarcerated while mourning the loss of his friend, Shanes’ life was lost the moment Alastair’s was. Of the two,  Alistair’s,  memory will be preserved in time and resonates with the memories of loss and tragedy. While Shane lives each day having to bear the thought of his friends’ blood on his hands.


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  1. Kaelin, this is a moving example of how powerful writing can be. Once in a while we need to write something that is important to us, and that’s when we really want our writing skills to match the level of our thoughts and emotions. Thanks for sharing this with us.


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