PW: Apr. 7 (Arlynne– Region Overview[pt. 1])

Ranging from vast empty deserts to mountainous peaks, Arlynne is a continent known for diversity in not only terrain, but also inhabitants. Visitors of any race can find kinsmen in Arlynne, whether they be one-off individuals living in the richly populated trading hubs, or entire clans of relatives inhabiting traditional territories.

The Mydel monarchy presides over the High-Lords and High-Ladies who rule different Arlysh regions. Some of the most well known regions in Arlynne are the Ascer Flats, the Faerwyven Woods, Lere, Cylik, and most importantly, the capital, Temur’rin.

*What follows is an account of regions as they are perceived in mass, not necessarily as they are in reality. 

The Ascer flats are an expansive desert wasteland on the southern-most border of Arlynne. The Vaeden sea lays just beyond them, though few venture far enough into the desert to reach it. If solely the perpetual blaze of the sun doesn’t sufficiently deter would-be travelers, the frequent sandstorms and lack of any reason whatsoever to visit the flats provide more than abundant disincentive. Only one settlement can be found in the barren expanse: a village inhabited by the Asceri. The Asceri are a bedouin people who devote their lives to the study of the mind. They generally fall outside of the usual hierarchical workings, and are left alone by the monarchy. Not much further is known to the general public, as few ever voyage into or out of their village.

The Faerwyven Woods are a forested region roughly in the centre of Western Arlynne. Inhabited in majority by elves, the forest is said to be unusually close to the Feywild. Countless stories have been told of fey creatures emerging from the foliage to play tricks on, assist, or terrorize travelers in Faerwyven. Most of the settlements in the woods are elven hunting villages. The aspects most notable in the region are the Silvenrre River and the Castle of Dawn. The Silvenrre River is a wide waterway which gleams during the night with a silver light often compared to that of the moon, acting as a beacon of hope for lost adventurers. The Castle of Dawn is a small yet exceptionally imperious and elegant fortress which houses the High-Lord and High-Lady of the Faerwyven Woods.

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  1. Fenna, this is richly imagined and wonderfully detailed. Some small points that caught my editor’s eye:
    1. What does “perceived in mass” mean?
    2. “The Vaeden sea lays” —> The Vaeden sea lies.
    3. “If solely the perpetual blaze”: “solely” jangles in my ear. Do you need it? If so, I would suggest “only” instead.
    BTW, I love “a bedouin people who devote their lives to the study of the mind.” ;^)


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