PW: Apr. 21 (Arlynne– Region Overview[pt. 2])

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Lere, located in Northern Arlynne, is a dark, mist-enveloped land that serves as a centre for the highest of noble politicking and lowest of bastardy thieving. The Leren court is renowned for its lavish masquerade balls and sprawling illegal underground. A tradition among many nobles it to send their newly matured children on an expedition to the Leren court, giving them a chance to prove themselves. If the noble fledgling has the cunning to avoid being taken for ransom by the Illicits (the colloquial term for members of the Leren underground) and the etiquette to successfully maneuver through a Leren masquerade without causing great disgrace to their family, they are permitted to return home and claim a title. The thick fog that crawls across each city street and forest trail in Lere gives the entire region an air of depression.

Cylik is a mountainous region with little political presence, yet enormous resource significance. This contradiction can only be attributed to the nature of those who inhabit the peaks. More specifically, the nature of dwarves. With an absence of any interest whatsoever in courtly politics, the Cylikians devote themselves purely to the mastery of their work. They take pride in their craftsmanship and clan loyalty. Visitors to Cylik are always welcome, provided they bring with them ale to share, coin to spend, and a jovial attitude. Many halflings choose to reside alongside the dwarves in the mountain settlements of Cylik, making a traveler as likely to be greeted by tiny hands and cheery smiles as sturdy dwarven clansmen, though the region is still recognized as a dwarf-owned territory.

Temur’rin is the capital of Arlynne, located directly at its centre. The sprawling city is made up of five tiers, the innermost being the Mydel court, surrounded by the aristocratic residential and commercial district, then the commoner’s residential and commercial district (including the merchant square), the shanties (a heap of tiny shacks stacked one atop another, painted in sewage and poverty), and lastly, on the outskirts, the farms. Temur’rin is one of the largest and most densely populated cities, and few Arlysh citizens live their entire lives without visiting it at least once.  There are barely any services or goods that you can’t find there.


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  1. The detail in this is amazing, Fenna! As a reader, I can picture what you’re describing so vividly. That isn’t easy to do, but you do it so well!

  2. Fenna, this is richly imagined, with a finely controlled voice and tone. Two suggestions: 1) Try to replace weak verbs with strong, active verbs, and 2) “bastardy” *should* be an adjective meaning “like a bastard,” but as far as I know, it isn’t ;^).


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