PW: About MBTI… (Feb 21)

MBTI s†ands for the Myers and Briggs Type Indicator, and it isn’t very good.

MBTI, or often called 16 personalities, is a popular indicator that determines one’s personality type, which is represented in four letters. The first letter indicates introversion or extroversion. The second tells us about the method of interpreting information (sensing/intuition). The third represents the method of decision making. The last letter indicates whether one is judging or perceiving.

For instance, my “personality type” is INTJ, known as introverted, intuiting, logical, and judging. I agree that this is quite accurate. But rather than helping me making better life decisions, I found myself limited to decisions that would only suit the INTJ personality type. These unconscious limitations and stereotypes could be really toxic. MBTI and the IQ test are only used best in places such as the military. Their effects are quite disturbing in everyday life.