Slumps would visit me at ungrateful occasions through sleepless nights and crumbled sketches. A few months ago, I was finally brave enough to throw my equipment away, and I came to Canada to study because I no longer wanted to be an art student like I always thought I would.

Other things occupied me and kept me busy, but the future was beyond my imagination. Along with the canvases, sketches and brushes, many parts of my identity disappeared from my life. Who am I without them? Have I worth anything other than them?

As I began to miss the slumps, I was able to draw again. It wasn’t something I was expecting to do at all, as it came rather late and at the wrong moment. But I’d cherish it just as much. These things only came back to me if I stopped searching for them.


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  1. I love this piece of writing. I love how there is so little text, yet I learn so much about you without you directly explaining it. I completely relate to your “slumps” and that moving on to something else can change your mindset and get you out of that slump. Your text is not only grammatically correct but organized and reads well. Good job!


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