Why I enjoy class discussions and debates.

I enjoy debating and discussing topics as I believe it helps me develop my own well structured and multi-leveled opinion on a matter. Well, sharing my ideas and hearing my peers’ thoughts and feedback.

In school, we start out being told what to think, teachers give us facts or at least incline us to think in a structured or particular manner. As teenagers and young adults, we have to work to develop our own opinions and learn to process information uniquely based on our personal views and experiences. I believe the best way to learn how to do this is with in-class discussions and debates. I think when participating in these sorts of activities, I not only leave with a more thorough and developed understanding of the topic but I have developed my own opinions and connections around the matter. I believe in our generation with the amount of well-educated minds you can easily connect with on a multitude of platforms; it can be hard to formulate a fully unbias or tainted opinion.

Class discussions though daunting to some, are one of the best forms of learning, especially in high school. It allows a student not only better to comprehend a topic but to make there own personal thoughts and connections as well as hear their peers. All well as developing critical thinking and communication skills, that are necessary for life.