PW #4 Seeing my Family

Seeing my family after 4 months was awesome, I felt so many new emotions. I didn’t thought that leaving my family would be an impact for me and something that big. I remember I arrive at the airport at night and I was really tired, I walk to the exit after graving my bags, the exit doors open and I first saw my dad. I remember I run to him, I gave him a hug and I started crying. Then I saw my sister and little brothers and run to them, hug them all and started crying again. At last I saw my mom and gave her a huge hug. It felt really nice seeing them all again, as if all my problems and thoughts just disappear. I tried to spend all the time I could with my family, we went to eat, to the movies, we chill all together at the house, and many thing. I think this second time coming back to Canada was harder and more depressing after seeing my family, I think I could have done more things with them and I wish for more time. I’m happy because Im going to see them again in March. Meanwhile I’m having a great time here with my friends.

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