PW #4 – Nostalgia, and the 2000s

Sometimes I would find myself looking at a computer screen wondering how we have come to this point in history, where I can know the reason behind my sore throat just by looking it up on google. Well, I was around the late 2000s era to remember the initial excitement we had with technology. At first, my parents would usually hop on to MSN messenger to say hi to friends and family, which at the time seemed out-of-the-world. The whole point of the internet being somewhat complex to comprehend added to the excitement of using it, I felt like I was getting work done. Everyday after kindergarten, I would boot up my mom’s old Windows XP laptop which were filled with all these fancy animations and 3D text. Sound quality was a big issue for most people, but I always loved hearing the compressed sound playing from adobe flash player whenever I went to My experience with computers made me invested in technology, and is what got me into researching these kinds of topics on a daily basis.

But in the present day… (2016-2023)

Computer design has become very dull thanks to modern design trends. Whenever I would load up a messaging program, I would find myself staring at a black background with a bunch of text written on top of it rather than the old UI computers had where it had a lot of eye catching details such as 3D text or some nice design that would come preloaded in the background. Computer design has grown to be really flat, taking a more minimalistic approach rather than the old eye catching design computers had back in the days. 3D styled buttons became plain rectangles, Fancy notification sounds became very dull (mostly just filled with the same sound) and logging on to a messaging service doesn’t have the same experience it did back then. I will always miss the good old days for giving me the fantastic experience I had, but here I am, falling asleep in front of my monitor, with nothing to do.

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