PW: 2020

If I took a sharp turn in 2019, then 2020 might not be the best direction I’m heading towards. It has been a weird start for me.

It is the first year that I will celebrate Chinese New Year without my family. I wasn’t a big fan of the Chinese New Year’s TV program, but something about sitting with my father (my mom refuses to participate) and eating sunflower seeds arise a zest in me. My mom would write antithetical couplets and paste them on the doors using rice. Other than that, there is nothing exceptional about the Chinese New Year. Especially with the active virus in Wuhan this year, my family isn’t in the mood for celebrating. I didn’t even visit my grandma’s grave! I loved her grave. Next to her grave was a pre-ordered one for my grandpa. He is old now. I can’t remember his exact age. I don’t know anyone’s age in my family. Occasionally, I feel a bit detached from their lives.