Pride and Prejudice IRJ

I have been reading Pride and prejudice and I find it very interesting because Jane Austin uses a lot of irony in general. This words said by Elizabeth Bennet really captured my eye..  “I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.” chapter 5, pg 21. This context of this words are that Elizabeth Bennet was talking with her friend Charlotte Lucas about the night ball. They were recently introduced to Mr Darcy who was a rich and handsome man. He captured the eye of all the girls in the room including Lizz. Charlotte did not wanted to be so hard at him as others because Mr Darcy is a very important man and from the high society and she thought they’re would’ve been a reason to be so pride himself. Elizabeth agreed a little with Charlotte but Mr Darcy refused to dance with her and her pride had been hurt.

I like this quote because it shows how none of them are able to leave pride beside but at a point I understand Elizabeth Bennet because she respected her pride but she did not respect hers.So why would she leave her pride aside when he can’t do the same  When two over prideful people collide there is allot of tension so it can be difficult but has you read the book you notice allot of things change.

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