PR Brave new world.

Brave new world by alders Huxley. This book was a lot better to read that all quiet in the western front. The first chapters I didn’t understand that much about it, but as I read through I enjoyed the book. What I understood about thins book is that they tried to make a perfect society in which everyone is happy. They use science to create people and to do whatever they want but they take away freedom, so the hole book stated a question . Is it better to be happy or to be free. Everyone has a role in this futurist society. Mustafa is a top controller of the world and he told them how it was before when women gave birth. everyone was very disgusted by this idea. The major characters in this book is Lenina and Bernard. Bernard is a psychologist and even though he is high in society he feels like an outsider because he doesn’t t fit in and he has a different perspective of society, Bernard likes Lenina but it bothers to him that she is like everyone else. Soma is a very important drug in this society because it makes you fell happy and to forget their problems. I think in our world we all have our soma but in this world is alcohol or drugs.

In this society sex is also very common, everyone has sex with everyone and that seems normal to them. Having a close relationship isn’t normal and that is what Bernard wants with Lenina. You can learn about the characters by how they act, what they say and how they speak. He uses a lot of irony through the book. His main points is the big government, labor movements, meterialism etc. In brave new world there are different society: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilons. I think with this he wants to show that in our world there are also different societies that differences us. In conclusion I enjoyed this book because I think it shows problems that the have in our world but we don’t see them or put more attention and responding the question of being happy or being free I prefer being free because when you live happy but you don’t have freedom you don’t have to opportunity to make your choices and when you go out of this happiness you realize that you have lived a fraud and yes everyone is happy there is no deaths it seems perfect so what is it dystopia or utopia.

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