Power Outage at Work

I work at the Westin on Bear Mountain, where on the weekend the power shut off due to the high windstorms that knocked the power lines down. I was scheduled to work as a food runner on Saturday at 8am which I was wondering if the restaurant would close for the day due to the loss of power that is needed to keep a restaurant running. To my surprise I got called into work that early morning. As I arrived, I saw that almost all the lights at the hotel were shut off except for the emergency lights. My keycard did not work to get into the employee entrance, so I used the regular hotel guest entrance. It was almost pitch black and freezing inside the restaurant. I walked into the kitchen to say my good mornings to the staff to see that it was pretty empty. Time went by very slowly just picking up random duties to fulfill during my shift, polish cutlery, clean glassware, rearrange the seating and folding napkins. Luckily, I was working with a great team that are passionate and funny which made this cold long day fun and exciting. Suddenly I come to an end to my day at 4pm, I walk to the office sign out and fill out some forms before I head home. As I get home I change into warm clothes and cuddle up into my blankets. I think back to all the fun moments during the day as I drift off into a deep sleep.

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