Personal Writting

Write about your favourite childhood toy.”

My favorite toy when I was a child was a little pink bear. It had white ribbons attached to both of their round ears, it was really soft that I always slept with it, and I was always hugging it.

It didn’t had an actual name, I just called it “Osito” which is little bear in Spanish. I always took this little guy evreywhere,I couldn’t be 2 seconds without it.

Every time they washed it, it took like 1 day, so I that day I just cried and cried. I

One time I left it at a restaurant, I was so sad and I couldn’t stop crying, that my parents went to back to  the restaurant to pick it up.

When I turned 5, it started to look quite old, so my mom decided that it was time to put it away forever. I was really sad, but I kind of understood it.

A few days later I received another similar bear and I was happy again.