Personal Writing – Which superpower do you prefer? (Invisibility or Mind Reading) 


If I had the option to have the superpower of mind-reading or be invisible, why? 

Because you can do whatever you want is invisible and you don’t have any problems, for example: grab the food you want, clothes from a store, be in places where people don’t notice you are in, etc. There is a lot of things that you can actually do while you are invisible. As well as reading minds. 

I really like the superpower of reading minds, is something that I really think about, because you don’t know what people think about you or what they think of some comment you made, other reason is if they are talking about you, or about someone else, or when they are even lying to you.  People will not have any excuse about what they are saying, you can just manipulate everything, for example, court, conversations, robbing, tests, thoughts, etc. 

But of course you need to be able to control and know how to use this superpower because if they take advantage saying that how do you know about that if I didn’t even tell you, and that is something that will lead to friend crumbling, and then other people will know and you will end up with no friends. 

On the other hand, while being invisible, you can do so many things with any problems, it is probably more helpful than reading minds, because if you want to travel to a place you could just enter the plane with no problem or if someone is talking bad about something or someone counting you, you can just go to the place and start hearing what they are saying.

I would like to stay with invisibility because is something that would be really useful in the daily life of a person.