Personal Writing – Veracruz

Around 1 and a half year ago, One of my close friends decided that for his birthday he would take me and 2 other friends to Veracruz. Veracruz is a 2-3 hour drive from where I live, Puebla. His little brother, mom, dad and an chacha came too. On the way there we played on our nintendo switches, which is a portable console, Me and the friend that planned the tripped were playing a brand new game that came out like 2 weeks ago at the time, this made my other 2 friends very anxious. Once we got to Veracruz we went to a sushi restaurant, I dont remember what I got but I remember my friend ate a lot of wasabi, this didnt end well for him. We got to my friends parents apartment and got all set up, there were 4 rooms, 1 for the chacha, 1 for the parents and the little brother, and the other 2 for us. After getting everything set up we all just chilled for a bit then went to the pool, it was really fun, I lost my slippers sadly. Everyone decided to head back to the apartment and get ready to go to the mall, when we got there we went to a really good seafood restaurant, we ate next to a great view to the sea, my mask also flew off sadly. We strolled around the mall for a bit, I got ice cream and then left back to the apartment. After joking around for a while we went to sleep, me and my friend turned the lights off an hour later, and had a deep talk about women for the next hour. The next morning we woke up to the beatiful sound of waves crashing against the sand, tho I saw my friend still asleep, I woke up good that day so i let him be, I went to my other friends and saw they were still asleep, I went to the couch and waited for them to wake up. When everyone was awake we had breakfast, and then me and my friend played on our nintendo switches, one of my friends decided he couldnt wait anymore and bought the game we were playing, now only one guy didnt have the game. We didnt do much that day, except that night we went to an enclosed theme park and gokart racing, this is where tragedy struck. I was carrying my phone with me, and i put it in my pockets and got inside the gokart, my dumbass didnt leave it behind, the race started, i was halfway through when I noticed my phone was about to fall and be crushed by the wheel, I reached for it, but then I hit the wall. My phone was cracked, I was pissed, I cannot bear this type of stuff, I was so mad, and I didnt even win the god damn race, after the gokarts we just had fun at some arcades in the enclosed theme park and headed home. That night we were in the couch playing on our nintendos, until the last friend that didnt have the game, acquired it, so we all joined the same party in the game and had a great time, then we went to sleep and talk. The next morning was going to be the best day, because it was my friends birthday and his parents friend had a yacht and we were going to use it, so we did, we met with my friends cousins and uncles too. We went to a mini island and found lots of stuff, like fishes or sea urchins, we also jumped off the yacht into the water. We then later chilled and went to the sea and jumped in, we then went to the front of the yacht and had deep conversations again for the thirth time. We then headed to the apartment and got him a cake and smashed his head into it, We then played the same game again and went to sleep instantly after. The next morning we packed everything up, went to have breakfast, I had pancackes, and headed back home. This memory is definetly one of my happiest memories I will always cherish.

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