Personal Writing- Time is ticking, Donna!

A book that I am currently rereading is The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I have read the majority of her books, and she truly deserves the recognition she receives. Within her books and in real life, she truly finds new ways to keep her readers guessing. An example of this is the fact that throughout her career spanning 30 years, she has only produced 3 pieces, all of which are revered in the reading community. The Secret History being her debut in 1992, The Little Friend released in 2002, and The Goldfinch being released in 2013. Throughout her releases there seems to be a particular pattern. Donna releases her books every ten or so years.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, most find it obvious that it is on purpose. It usually doesn’t take ten years to write a single novel, so it must be. Her quite patient fans are asking, is it time for another publication? We are soon approaching the threshold, the dawn of a new era. It isn’t the case of an absence, because The Goldfinch was adapted into a movie in 2019, and she ardently showed her support. Any reader of hers knows that she is a big fan of making suspense known, so why not do it in real life? However, it may just be a coincidence, I try to be an optimist. I still recommend you to get ready for a five-hundred to a thousand page novel, that will without a doubt be worth the wait. 

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