Personal writing response – Camping Trip.

My personal writing response is about the time my brother and I caught minnows and fried them at a beach near a cabin we were staying at in Pinawa, Manitoba. 

       On July 6, 2013, sometime in the afternoon, my brother and I decided to head down to the beach to catch whatever critters lurked in the waters. We put on our bathing suits, and each equipped a small bucket and a small fishing net. An hour after we arrived at the beach, we ended up catching roughly 42 minnows altogether. My brother and I debated on what to do with the minnows and ended up deciding to fry the minnows over an outdoor fireplace near the cabin we were staying at. Arriving at the cabin we asked our dad to assist us with starting a fire. Once the fire began to rise, we placed aluminum paper on top of the fire along with all the minnows. After a short period of time the skin of the lifeless minnows frying over the fire became burnt. We removed the minnows off the fireplace and placed them onto a plate sitting on a picnic table beside the fireplace.  

       After displacing the minnows, we noticed a lot of steam coming off the minnows, so we left them untouched until no steam was visible to us. My brother and I played a game of cards while waiting for the minnows to cool down. The minnows resting on the plate finally cooled off but still had a gross black and unappetizing crisp to them. I picked up a minnow with my fingers and placed it into my mouth. I soon felt sympathy for myself after exposing my taste buds to the horrifying and utterly bitter taste of the minnow. Since that day, I’ve never consumed another minnow. 

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