Personal Writing: Molly PW #3

The day we got our puppy was one of the best days ever. I remember we drove form our house in Metchosin all the way to around parksville. We had been blasting music and was really exited to be getting her. Once we got there we say her and her sister run out of the house and head straight for a dirt pit where they began rolling around. The lady who was giving us one of them had talked to us, then went over and picked up the smaller of the two and passed her to my mom. We were laughing because either Molly wanted to greet her right or she got so excited she peed on my moms shoes. We could tell right away she was a trouble maker because she kept running to the grape vines and trying to eat them, which you most certainly should not eat.

Once we got her in the car and shed said good bye to her sibling and mom we pilled into our van and began discussing names. We drove all the way to Alex and Will’s lake cabin so she could have a break. We took her down to the lake and she began playing in the water with me and my brothers. She sat on mine or Isaacs lap when we drove all the way back to our house. Once she got there our grandparents came to meet her and our cousins came.

We decided her name would be Molly and that’s how we got a new puppy.

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