Personal Writing May 7th

If you were invisible for a day, where would you go and what would you do?


In movies, we always see that some people have the ability to make themselves invisible and do whatever they like, have you thought of having such ability as well? I have always dreamt of having such ability. If I could become invisible for a day, I would do the following things:

First, I would go to find the person whom I dislike most and play tricks on him. I would sneak into his room and turn his room into a mess. I would drag all his clothes out of the wardrobe and throw them everywhere in the room.  Next, I would hide his mobile phone and laptop in a secret place in his room. Maybe putting them under the bed is a good option. When I leave that room, I would close the door and apply glue to the keyhole so that the door can’t be opened easily.

After that, I think I would be pretty hungry. So I would go to a hotel and have a buffet lunch. As you know, the bill for having a buffet meal is very expensive. So I could only go to have buffet meals with my parents. Now, I am invisible, of cause I would take this chance to go into the restaurant and eat all sorts of nice food. Another good thing is that there would not be a time limit, so I could eat as long as I like. 

At night, I would go home and stay inside my room. I would get my computer and mobile phone with me. When I was at home, my parents always stop me from watching youtube videos and playing online games. Now, I could take this chance to watch youtube videos and play online games for a long time. In that case, my mum won’t shout at me and I could finally do these things in peace.


3 thoughts on “Personal Writing May 7th”

  1. Jasper, it occurs to me that invisibility would produce much the same results as anonymous online activity: lots of bad behaviour!

  2. Hey Jasper, it sounds like it would be fun to be invisible for a day! I liked your explanation of the tricks you would play on the person you most dislike. 🙂

  3. Hey Jasper! I also wrote about this and it is quite funny how different our things are! Yours sound like a lot of fun. Nice details


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