personal writing, January 7th

  Drifting, drifting is one of my personal favorite motorsports to watch in my spare time. The sport of drifting a car originated out of Japan, but when you try to find exactly when and where you realize that the idea of skidding your car sideways through a corner has been around since the 1950’s. It started to gain attraction from rally racing when you need to go around tight corners as quickly as possible. The crowds started to notice how just about every driver would go through a corner by swinging the car into almost a 90-degree angle by pulling the handbrake to go through corners. This was exciting for people to watch and that was how it started.  

The Japanese play a massive role when it comes to the origins of drifting competitions. The reason for this is because of the type of cars that the Japanese had access to. You see when the rally started one of the rules that the manufactures had to follow was that the car, they were racing had to be in production to the public too. Where most of the best cars were created were in Japan, which meant that consumers there got a hold of the technology very quickly and it spread from there.  

Drifting has now become a world-renown motorsport; many drivers dream of becoming professional drifters and competing in Formula Drift the largest and most well-known drifting competition. The way that this event works is there are two drivers one driver is the lead driver and the other is the following. The lead driver sets the pace and can go as fast as he likes around the set course. Drifting si different from other motorsports because it’s not a race to the finish. Instead, its judged on how sideways you can place the car going through a corner while keeping a good consistent pace. You are constantly remaining out of control but in control at the same time. You’re basically doing the opposite of what you want to do on a regular road. Personally I find this sport incredibly special to me because my two brothers compete in it together so I grew up hearing about it and watching it in person.