Personal Writing – January 21st

Why is there such an extreme amount of pressure put on youth today? Amongst homework, family life, friendship drama, extra-curriculars, social media, societal standards, employment, future paths, and so many other meticulous details to worry about, where do we have the time to breathe? Oh right… I forgot… We don’t have any time to breath. We’re living in some of the most stressful times for youth, and it’s time that we get a grasp on this issue.

The amount of pressure put on our developing adolescent minds is becoming much too overwhelming. In an age where A.I. is rapidly progressing, we’re treated people too much like robots, rather than what we truly are: human. We’re all human. Simply with less experience and more hormones. According to, 1 in 3 teenagers from ages 13-18 today are facing a variation of an anxiety disorder. What can we blame this on? School? Friends? Overall stress? Is there anyway we can lower this statistic?

As population increases, standards rise, and by extension, pressure increases. And yet, I can’t think of a single solution to this rising adversity. We can’t decrease the amount of homework, we can eliminate friend related stress, we can’t avoid family problems, we can’t force society to accept us, and we can’t hide from our futures. What we can do, however, is to learn to cope with this overwhelming world. Whether it be through talking to parents, friends, teachers, counsellors, or through other coping methods, we can hopefully find a way to deal with this stress, for those who need it.